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Connect your data sources and chat with data from over 20 platforms, then share custom data chatbots with your team and clients.

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The power of LLMs
combined with your data

Avian allows you to access and interact with your business data with natural language.

Privacy friendly insights

We use privately hosted LLMs on Azure and live queries to ensure your data is never stored, anywhere.

  • Privately hosted Azure LLMs
  • Live queries, no data stored
  • GDPR & CCPA Compliant
  • Privacy mode for chats

Most popular data sources

Avian is the reliable, secure and fast choice for LLM data integration.
Used and trusted by over 30,000 companies.

LinkedIn Ads

Google BigQuery

Google Analytics 4

Google Ads

Google Search Console

Facebook Ads

Facebook Insights

Instagram Insights

TikTok Ads

Discover insights from your business data twice as fast.

Extract and analyse thousands of metrics and dimensions using Avian by simply asking questions.

  • Answers in seconds
  • Thousands of metrics
  • Multi-account queries
  • Data blending

Visualize data and create dashboards with natural language

  • Extract and graph data with the Avian platform
  • Export and save data to CSV for further analysis
  • Build detailed reports for your entire company in seconds

Unlimited possibilities with Avian

📊 Build interactive dashboards
📁 Create automated copies of your data
📋 Stop copy/pasting data manually
📈 Analyse one or more campaigns
➗ Extract more in-depth data from Ads
📝 Share specific data with your team
🌐 Get customized ad performance data
✅ Create conversion funnels
👀 Analyse data using all possible metrics

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