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Built on a foundation of Enterprise-Grade Tooling

Avian.io, powered by Azure and built on a foundation of enterprise-grade tooling, leverages GPT-4, Django, and Next.js to provide a secure, scalable, and AI-powered data analytics solution for web and native user interfaces.



The library for web and native user interfaces. Avian.io utilizes the latest Next.js 13 framework, which is equipped with advanced features such as server-side rendering, static site generation, and incremental static regeneration. These features enable Avian.io to provide efficient, high-performance, and scalable solutions for data analytics, ensuring seamless user experience across web and native platforms.

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Azure GPT

Azure's GPT-4 is set to redefine the boundaries of AI capabilities. With its expansive knowledge base, advanced problem-solving abilities, and domain expertise, GPT-4 is poised to take AI-powered data analytics to a whole new level, complementing the services provided by Avian.io.



Django, a high-level Python Web framework, is used by Avian.io to power the backend of the application. With its emphasis on rapid development, clean design, and robust security, Django ensures that the application is not only scalable but also secure.

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About the team

At Avian.io, we are a diverse flock of innovators, data scientists, and dreamers. United by a passion for transformative analytics, our team boasts a blend of industry veterans and bright new talent, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the table. Together, we are committed to making data analysis not just smarter, but also more accessible.

Our Mission

To empower organizations of all sizes to unlock the full potential of their data with unprecedented simplicity and speed. Through our cutting-edge AI, we aim to democratize data analytics, enabling insights and decisions that propel businesses forward.

Our Vision

We envision a world where data speaks clearly to everyone, where strategic decisions are informed by real-time insights, and where the complexities of data science are distilled into simple conversations with our AI.

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For any sales enquiries please book a call here: Book A Call .You can email us at info@avian.io. For general enquiries, contact us via the Live Chat Feature of the website.

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We got you. For the quickest and most relevant customer support, log in and select “support” on the top right.


Our legal name is AVIAN HOLDINGS LTD. which is registered in England. Our company number is 11201195. Our US Incorporated Delaware C Corp is under the name Avian Data.

Our UK address is:
Fora - Brick Lane
42-46 Princelet Street
E1 5LP, London
United Kingdom

Our US address is:
315 W 36th St.
5th floor, New York,
NY 10018,
United States