Google Analytics data
to Google Sheets

Export and live sync your data, build reports and get better insights using Avian.

The power of spreadsheets
with live Analytics Data

Avian makes it easier to access, manipulate, visualize and share Google Analytics data using Google Sheets.

No coding
GDPR Compliant
1 minute setup
No data expertise needed

Get the right Google Analytics data super fast.

All data that Google Analytics has collected you can pull out using our super simple to use report builder.

  • Multiple views/profiles
  • All GA metrics are available
  • Syncs in seconds
  • Segments and custom data ranges

Create dashboards in Sheets with live data.

  • Using Google sheets you can manipulate and visualise your data easily.
  • Avian automatically syncs your data to sheets. You decide how often you want it to sync.
  • Have better control over who accesses this data by using Google Sheets sharing and privacy features.

Unlimited possibilities with your data

Build interactive dashboards
Create automated copies of your data
Stop copy/pasting GA Data
Analyze one or more Segments
Extract more in-depth data from GA
Share specific data with your team
Combine data from multiple views/profiles
Create conversion funnels

Tired of copy/pasting data into spreadsheets?

Set up time 5 minutes
FREE TRIAL 7 day trial