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*Templates available for Google Analytics, Google Ads,
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Looker Studio was formerly known as Google Data Studio.

Looker Studio Templates

Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio Template
Google Analytics 4 Template
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Google Ads Looker Studio Template
Google Ads Template
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Facebook Ads Looker Studio Template
Facebook Ads Template
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Facebook Insights Looker Studio Template
Facebook Insights Template
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Instagram Insights Looker Studio Template
Instagram Insights Template
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How to Get These Data Studio Templates

Looker Studio (f.k.a. Google Data Studio) report templates can be set up in just a few clicks.

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Set up your marketing data sources, like Facebook Ads.

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Discover insights from your marketing data twice as fast with our Looker Studio templates.

Extract and analyse thousands of metrics and dimensions using Avian Looker Studio templates.

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Your marketing data in Looker Studio Templates

Our templates are designed to work flawlessly with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and numerous social media plugins, ensuring smooth performance across platforms.

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