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The Avian GPT allows you to access and interact with your business data: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more

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Search for and install the Avian plugin on the ChatGPT plugin store.


Connect your data sources on the Avian platform or through the ChatGPT plugin.


Ask any question and get answers, analyse and interact with your data.

Visualize your data within ChatGPT

The Avian GPT allows you to instantly visualize your data on the fly.

Privacy friendly insights using live data

We use live data, which means your queries are executed on the fly and call the target API on demand. This means no query data is ever stored in any database, ever.

  • No data stored in a database
  • Live data queries
  • Privacy friendly
  • Secure & encrypted

Unlimited possibilities with the Avian GPT

📊 Analyze all your data with simple questions
🔀 Combine data from multiple data sources
💬 Use natural language to query your data
📈 Ask about custom metrics and conversions
⚡ Get answers instantly in plain English
🔍 Discover data insights without needing an analyst
⏱️ Real time performance data
🗝️ Dive deep into historical data
🔒 Rest assured with secure data handling

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In order to install the Avian GPT, users must have ChatGPT Plus. Once users have ChatGPT plus, in the settings section, they must turn on plugins as Beta feature. Then users can click on "GPT-4", at the top of the page, followed by "Plugins". Users can then search "Avian" in the search bar of the plugins section and install the plugin.

Yes, destinations are billed together in the relevant plan packages. For example, if you want to use the ChatGPT plugin and Looker Studio, and only have a single connector, the starter plan would be the correct one to choose. If you wanted to use the Google Sheets destination, you would have to choose the Business plan or above. BigQuery as a destination is only available on the enterprise plan.

A "connector" or "data source" is defined as the originating platform from which your business seeks to extract data. Conversely, a "destination" is the platform where you aim to consolidate and analyze this data. To illustrate, Google Analytics could serve as a connector, a source from which your business extracts relevant data. On the other hand, Looker Studio can be classified as the destination, the platform where the extracted data is transported.

"Accounts per connector" refers to the number of individual accounts that are linked to a specific connector within the Avian system. For instance, should you link 50 properties via Google Analytics, this is considered as 50 separate accounts and your selected plan should accommodate this figure accordingly.

It is crucial to note that the term 'per connector' should not be misunderstood as an accumulation across multiple connectors. For example, if your plan allows for 10 accounts per connector, it does not imply that you can have a maximum of 100 accounts when using 10 connectors. Instead, it strictly denotes that a maximum of 10 accounts can be connected for any given connector.

Your chosen plan should thus align with the highest number of accounts you wish to connect via any single connector, rather than the total number of accounts across all connectors.

The Assisted Onboarding package is an one-time optional support addition for the Business plan. It involves text, or if preferred, on call Support, to set up connectors for the various destinations available. Note that this package only covers connector setup, and doesn't cover report creation or querying support.

The Dedicated Data Architect package covers all of the above, it is an ongoing collaboration between you and a data specialist from Avian, helping you to onboard, and giving you advice and consultation on how best to achieve your data goals.

At Avian, we prioritize the utmost security and privacy of your data. We comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that all our processes respect the rights of our users and uphold the principles of data protection. Moreover, we are in the early stages of obtaining the AICPA/SOC2 Type 2 certification, further demonstrating our commitment to maintaining a robust and reliable system of data security controls.

Our architecture is designed such that no connector data is ever directly stored on Avian servers or databases. We principally handle live data, which is securely transmitted directly to your designated destination. Furthermore, we employ advanced encryption techniques to safeguard all access tokens, thereby enhancing the security of your data during transmission.

Moreover, our caching systems, integral to our data handling processes, are subject to stringent encryption protocols. This approach ensures an additional layer of security and privacy, further fortifying our commitment to secure data handling and your peace of mind.

Yes. The product we have created at Avian is designed to grow along with your company. Therefore we provide a one month grace period for paying plan customers to decide which plan they need to upgrade to next.