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Avian is an AI research studio that trains our own private large language models on Azure, Crimson MoE 70b and Mirage 34b.

Privacy: Open Source Foundation Models & Live Queries

Committed to protecting your privacy, we operate with secure, SOC/2 approved Open Source Foundation language models on Microsoft Azure, ensuring real-time insights without storing your data using live queries.

  • Privately hosted Open Source LLMs
  • Live queries, no data stored
  • GDPR, CCPA & SOC/2 Compliant
  • Privacy mode for chats

Most popular data sources

Avian is the reliable, secure and fast choice for LLM data integration.
Used and trusted by over 50,000 companies.



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Google Analytics 4

Google Ads

Google Search Console

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Facebook Insights

Time to insights reduced by 92%

Extract and analyse thousands of metrics and dimensions using Avian using natural language, reduce time to insight.

  • Answers in seconds
  • Thousands of metrics
  • Multi-account queries
  • Data blending

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